Cluj Orthodontic Center

  • Client: Cluj Orthodontic Center
  • Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Year:2014
  • Surface: 230 sqm.
  • Design Concept: TRANS FORM
  • Technical Details: TRANS FORM
  • Construction Work: TRANS FORM
  • Project Management: TRANS FORM

The owner decided to move his business to a new location, a building close to the city center.
This endeavour gave way to creating a working environment that could better respond to the functional needs of such a medical facility, but also provide a friendly interface for both clients and doctors.
The design concept uses lots of colour in a fun, yet sober manner. The combination of colour, light and different materials create an inviting and comfortable space, thus dissolving the cold and unfriendly image one is used to find when entering a doctor’s office.